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In January 2016, due to building renovations, we closed our storefront at 2001 Western Ave in Seattle. We are currently making some changes to our online ordering system, but we are still available through phone or email. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we will do all we can to continue providing the highest quality olive oils and balsamic vinegar to our community.   

Please visit us at our sister store.
Pappardelles Pasta of Pike Place Market  
1519 Pike Place, Ste 8, Seattle WA 98101
Phone Orders: 206-340-4114
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3 years anniversary

It is our 3 years Anniversary this month!!!!! To celebrate we are giving away a specialty combo mixed of 200 ml bottle with every $30 purchases through the month of February.You can either order on line or we would love to see you at the shop...Time certainly fly's when you are having fun 

OOOH let's have some fun Join some Gourmet cooking class's at South

Seattle Community College featuring our Olive Oils and Balsamic's.

Instructed by owner of Quintessential Gourmet Lynn Little . click link and

 search enter Gourmet cooking Little to find her class's

A Roving Report

So I'm doing my eat play love thing around Europe the next couple months (mine not prompted by my recent divorce but not without its share of upper middle class hardship) and it was suggested I share the eat portion with the culinary olive oil shop of my employ. So here we go, I'll title my first entry based in London 'malt vinegar'

In the shop we daily get to watch people light up after a first delicate sip of vinegar when they discover to their surprise a complex depth of flavor bordering on sweetness. I can only assume these people are from England where they utilize balsamics ugly step sister malt vinegar in the way we might ketchup. Now I'm aware vinegar is an ingredient in ketchup but so is a lot of other stuff so when I was asked to drizzle it over my fish and chips I was a bit skeptical. But knowing well the wonders of vinegar I embraced in. In hindsight overly so as my cod was now covered in what was just not a tasty condiment. So Brits, confused people of America, set down the malt vinegar and opt for Cinderella. Get some balsamic.


Starting today through January 5th 2014 when you spend $150.00 or more Shipping is free. This offer is available on the website as well as in store. Happy Holiday's 



Installment #3 -  ITALY!!!
I apologize for my delayed correspondence I've been unable to put down the fork to pick up a pen. But I have indeed made it to the promised land greeted by olive trees and vineyards the whole way in; the fruits of which were well enjoyed though I'll try to keep the focus on the former. My first day in Verona I got bread with my dinner and started to ask for a little butter before I remembered where I was. And each meal since then has had to share the spotlight with a plate of olive oil and vinegar occasionally with a little sea salt and cracked pepper. Bread became my first course- simultaneously economical and delicious. The quality was always high but the one that most stood out to me was a meal I had in a town called manarola on the coast. I had just escaped the unsalted bread of Florence and some fresh bread already sounded amazing but when the balsamic took about thirty seconds to pour a quarters worth I knew I was in for a treat. It was sweet and thick- a 25 year aged to be sure and may well have been my peak italian meal which surely is no easy task

Christmas is coming

Let us help you have a stress free Christmas. We can create custom gifts sets, baskets and arrange private events to celebrate and meet your budget. We ship all over the world. Choose a gift that is ready to go or create your own personalized gift, complete with custom labels on the 60 ML size bottles.

Fear of Guessing

So I am currently working my way through Northern and Central Europe where the food is actually quite nice but lacks a certain amount of delicateness I associate with fine dining (today I had a lasagna which used potato slices in place of noodles because apparently some Czech man said lasagna- far too light of a dish) in the face of this I wasn't quite sure where to go with this blog post. I had pondered writing a terribly clever piece comparing hemp seed oil and olive oil to commemorate my stay in Amsterdam but decided to steer clear of the conyroversy so instead I offer you a piece I call the fear of guessing.  

There are few things more freezing than looking at a menu and just not knowing a single word on it. Now many places will see this dumb founded expression and promptly sub in an English menu but occasionally in my quest for authenticity I would go to a place where such a thing did not exist. There I had to rely on my 5 phrases to get me through-even 'water' failed me on a pretty consistent basis. In Paris I was grateful the French had invented so many foods- omelette: got it; creme brûlée: no problem. But the same can not be said everywhere unless you count goulash which I for one do not. But a little bit of common sense navigation could usually get you in the ball park of something you understood and then you had the unique anticipation of waiting for your food to come out to check your work. And I will say it has gone quite well I had a wonderful shepherds pie in Berlin and some amazing soups (always a reliable word). And my culinary adventures have gotten to be not only delicious but also a fair bit suspenseful.

THE PICTURE IS TITLED: When Guessing works out!


10/21 - 10/27 the special is our "Honey Vinegar"  locally produced. GO HAWKS

This week our Chive Olive Oil is 25% off through this Sunday the 20th. Every home game we win there will be a special the following week. Go Hawks!!!!!
Watch this page or facebook for the wonderful taste of victory every week, we will pick a new one.
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